Empowering dental professionals in their career and business

Starting your career

Be prepared to enter the real world of private practice as student or new graduate with the My Practice Matters Life After Dental School program.
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Starting your business

Planning, preparation and implementation is the key to success in any business. We coach, guide and assist dentists through all stages of this process so that they can make informed decisions with confidence, whether you choose to acquire or buy-into an existing practice, or start your practice from scratch.

“Working with Nadean made the entire process of purchasing a practice much easier….” – Dr. M. F.

Managing your practice

Making decisions based on fear or assumptions is one of the most common mistakes that dentists make in their careers and practices. Avoid these pitfalls by seeking verifiable data that is relevant to your practice when seeking solutions and planning for the future.

Be empowered to make confident decisions for today and set achievable goals with fact-based evidence, reliable analysis and strategic options delivered by My Practice Matters in respect of your unique practice purpose and goals.

MPM can help you implement a proven simple and effective system that reduces stress and frustration for you and your employees.

Managing your future

Leaving a legacy of respect in your community and providing financial security for your retirement and loved ones are not mutually exclusive. We help dentists achieve their goals for retiring gracefully and with dignity.

“We very much appreciate Nadean for her exceptional professionalism, hard work, and guidance. I highly recommend MPM…” – Dr. Matthew Choi

Elevate your practice

Not sure what’s going on at the Front Desk? Practice administration and patient management is the hub of your practice, yet arguably the most misunderstood. Dental “reception” and administration is often taught at evening classes in a high school or community centre where they are taught to be task-oriented (doing), rather than developing aptitude that fosters a focus on results (being).

My Practice Matters offers comprehensive coaching programs to inspire and elevate performance of practice administrators and managers, expanding their knowledge base and providing them with the necessary tools to be a valuable contributor in your thriving independent practice!

Stay educated

How should I prepare for practice ownership?
What is the difference between cost-sharing and partnership?
What is a KPI?
When should I have a succession plan?
How does MPM charge for their services?

Our team

Expertise = (knowledge + competence) x experience

Our team specializes in creating opportunity out of challenges, networks with other trusted
professionals and has proven expertise to advise, guide, assist and support our clients.

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