Terms & Conditions

 Terms & Conditions for Membership

By completing the My Practice Matters™ Network application form, the dentist acknowledges that he/she has read, understands and agrees to these Terms & Conditions.  Please indicate acceptance of these terms and conditions where indicated on the membership application form.

Members of the My Practice Matters™ Network confirm that they are independent and autonomous practitioners.  Dentists who are employed by, partners in or affiliated with, or otherwise are involved in a DMSO or DSO organization are not eligible for membership.

If a member becomes involved in a business or practice relationship with a DSO or DMSO, their membership will be immediately be terminated.

There are three levels of membership in the My Practice Matters™ Network:  Student, Individual and Practice.  

There are no limitations on the number of students, new grads or associates (independent contractors) in our network.  Our members and the network benefit from enrollment and active participation of younger clinicians who will be the mentors and independent practice owners of tomorrow.  Active student memberships are free and are limited to no more than two (2) years.  For further clarification, this membership will consist of one initial term plus one (1) renewal term.

Individual level membership is open to any doctor who is currently licensed to practice dentistry within Canada, so long as they operate as an independent clinician; not as an employee or under contract to a DMSO or affiliate or partnership of a DSO.

All applicants must complete the My Practice Matters™ Network membership application form and provide references from a variety of sources and pay their membership dues in full prior to being enrolled in the  My Practice Matters™ Network.    Membership is not considered active until all of the enrollment criteria have been met.

Application by any practitioner does not necessarily result in membership.  When all practice membership positions are filled in one community, the prospective member may be placed on a waiting list in priority sequence for that community.

A practice membership in one community does not necessarily qualify practices in other communities which are owned or operated by the same practitioner for automatic membership.

The member agrees to enrollment as a subscriber to receive communications via email from time to time from My Practice Matters.  The member has the option of unsubscribing at any time.

Notice to renew membership will be made to the member not less than one month prior to the expiry date.  The member will have the option of renewing at the same level or changing based on their current status.

Notice of change of membership dues shall be announced to the members as applicable in writing.

Members have access to resources, practice management and transition education and support, based on membership status (student, individual or practice owner) as set out in the Features described and are provided to the member for their limited personal use during active membership.   Use and results obtained are the responsibility of the member.

Additional services may be offered by third parties, including (but not limited to) accounting, banking, legal, financial and insurance.  These services are optional, and are therefore not included in the My Practice Matters™ Network annual membership dues.  The My Practice Matters™ Network makes no representation of quality of service with respect to any such services to its members.

My Practice Matters™ and its parent company, Nadean Burkett & Associates Inc., does not imply or guarantee that membership in the My Practice Matters™ Network  will result in net new patients to the member’s practice, nor that the member’s practice will experience increased revenue, higher income or other benefits to the member or the member’s practice.

My Practice Matters™ Network will ask its members to respond to surveys or polls from time to time, and will use such information gathered to improve services and support to the membership, as well as to report to its members in aggregate of practice and business trends.  Although response to such surveys and polls is voluntary, the results will benefit the membership and individual responses will not be shared with, nor discussed with third parties.

The member agrees to protect the privacy and confidentiality of all other members.  Any information gleaned during conversations, discussions or other exchange within the My Practice Matters™ Network are deemed personal and confidential.  This agreement shall not expire with membership, and shall survive for all time.

Members agree to the terms and conditions herein and further that Nadean Burkett & Associates is not responsible for results of, and accepts no liability in use of any programs, products or other resources used by any member of the My Practice Matters™ Network.  

Upon expiry or termination of membership, the doctor’s name will be removed from the membership roster, unless membership is expressly renewed by the member prior to expiry of current membership term.

Membership dues are subject to change.  Active members at all levels will be advised of any changes as they occur.

The member understands and acknowledges that all information provided through My Practice Matters™ Network is intellectual property of Nadean Burkett & Associates Inc., and as such may not be copied, shared or distributed in any form without the prior written consent of Nadean Burkett & Associates Inc.  The member agrees that breach of this condition of use would cause irreparable harm to the My Practice Matters™ Network and Nadean Burkett & Associates Inc., and as such the member would be subject to judgments and penalties as well as other remedies applicable under law within Canada.


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