Practice Members

Practice level members are owner-operators.  You have special needs and challenges, so we believe that you deserve a special place in the My Practice Matters™ network with added features and benefits in addition to those available to Individual level memberships. Here are the current features we’ve developed just for you!

Practice Level Members get what they need –

Features & Benefits

In addition to all of the Individual member benefits, your Practice membership also includes the following:

  • Associate recruiting assistance.  End the “revolving-door” cycle that may be costing you time, money and patient attrition.  We will help you set criteria so that you can target the best fit for your practice, promote your opportunity online through a variety of web sites, create an interview template, pre-screen applicants, help you protect your interests with a Principal-Associate Agreement,  retain a copy of the signed Agreement on file for you, and remind you when the Agreement is about to expire.
  • Brand identity as Doctor-Owned & Operated™ on our exclusive network, assures the public that their care is in the hands of a dentist who is independent.  The public has spoken clearly – they want to avoid corporately-controlled practices.  Relationships are important to them and to you!  You benefit from knowing that your patient is choosing quality over price!
  • Review of your current cost-share or operating agreement – complementary.   Re-structuring services may incur additional fees.
  • Save $2,500 (compared with our customary fee for this service) on any practice valuation/performance assessment.  Comprehensive written report and 30-minute coaching session included.
  • Thinking of expanding your practice or succession plan?  One-hour complementary consultation by phone or video chat is available by appointment.
  • Online webinars for you and your team (see descriptions below)
  • Protecting your interests and the future of independent dentistry – A strong, sustainable membership will ensure that we can provide all of our members effective representation – negotiation with insurance companies, regulators and other government agencies.  You deserve the advantages that are currently unavailable to the “silent majority” of independent practice owner-operators throughout North America.  Uniting with your colleagues will create a coalition of patient-centred practices.  My Practice Matters has built the foundation and is the vehicle for preservation of independent dentistry, now and in the future.

Practice membership dues are affordable ($5,000),  paid annually.  Read Terms & Conditions of membership  

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Already activated your Practice level membership?  Doctor-Owned & Operated logo

  • Complete the Doctor-Owned & Operated Practice Profile form so that we can make sure your practice gets the best exposure on the Doctor-Owned & Operated™ Network
  • Receive a transparent window decal with the  Doctor-Owned & Operated™ logo so that people know you are proudly independent.

dollar sign lightbulbCourses for Practice Level Members – $0 –  Contact us to register for any of these EMPOWERMENT™ courses or programs

  • EMPOWERMENT™ Series 1.0   register now
    • Six 75-minute online sessions
    • Explore the 5 components of practice development: People, Product, Place, Promotion and Price
    • Build your own comprehensive custom business plan to guide you in start up or enhancing your existing practice
    • Six 75-minute online sessions 
    • Apply your vision, philosophy & goals into your practice operation
    • Know more about your business – understand your financial statement & other business documents
    • Create policies and protocols, to effectively manage your practice and personnel performance, as well as patient expectations –
      • Personnel management: Establish codes of conduct and expectations for performance, evaluate employee performance, conduct employee reviews and correct behavior
      • Practice management: Choose, track and analyze practice metrics (KPIs) systems; set practice goals; budgeting, cash flow and scheduling forecasts
      • Patient management: Set financial policies, recall/recare protocols
  • EMPOWERMENT™ Program 3.0 – Branding your Doctor-Owned & Operated™ practice
    • Brand messaging is telling people what experience they should expect as your patient.  Brand identity is what others actually feel and say about your practice.  Both are important to get “right”.  Refine your brand message, and control your identity!
  • EMPOWERMENT™ Program 4.0 – Succession planning & exit strategies, options + get your copy of our exclusive Succession Handbook

Coming Soon for Practice Members

  • Associate Recruiting Information Session 
    • What are the pros and cons of having an Associate?
    • What you need to know about when, why, and how to expand your practice to accommodate an Associate
    • Interactive session – ask questions, get answers, share experiences.
    • Copy of our exclusive My Practice Matters™ Associate-Principal Relationships Handbook is included for all participants

INTEGRATED Courses for Practice Level Members & Your Team – $0 

  • Enhancing Your Patient’s Experience – 
    • We are in an Experience Economy!  Understanding your patients better will help you and your team perform better and grow your practice.  This course covers the unique attitudes, behaviors, expectations and communication styles of each generation.
  • Key Performance Indicators – 
    • Counting what counts in your practice tells you more than just the numbers.  Measuring statistical data that is meaningful to you and your team help you know what is (and is not) meeting your expectations, and how those metrics translate into $.  Learn how to compare your current performance with your practice history, and use that information to set ambitious yet achievable goals.