Individual Members

dental patientWho are Individual Members?

Individual members in the My Practice Matters™ network are dentists who are qualified and licensed to practice dentistry in any part of Canada or the U.S.

Eligibility for Individual Members includes:

  • They are not practicing in a DSO or DMSO
  • They may be invited by a current My Practice Matters™ team member or trusted affiliate (or sponsor)
  • They may be referred by an active My Practice Matters™ member (at any level)
  • They have provided references, as may be requested by My Practice Matters™ during the application process; and those references are deemed satisfactory by My Practice Matters™
  • They practice either part or full-time as a Principal (owner-operator), Associate (contractor), or Locum dentist anywhere in Canada or the United States of America
  • They have agreed to the Terms and Conditions of membership in the My Practice Matters™ network
  • They have paid, or caused to have paid their annual membership dues in full ($500)

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Individual Membership

Annual membership dues are $500.

These are included in your annual membership.  No extra charges.

  • Full access to the currently available courses exclusively through EMPOWERMENT™ 1.0 and 2.0, as well as the Life After Dental School™ Program Series
  • Full access to the network Forum – to connect with other members at all levels.  Start or join in conversations with your colleagues, list and find opportunities – connect with others who are looking for what you have to offer (i.e.  associate candidates/positions, practice succession and transition opportunities) by posting an ad in the Classified section available only to the network membership.
  • Reality Bites™ newsletter containing feature article, news and links to other publications and topics of interest and importance
  • Consult by audio or video connection with your My Practice Matters™ coach by appointment.  Urgent or emergent matters may be on demand basis.  All information shared with your My Practice Matters™ coach is considered private and confidential.
  • An opportunity to add your voice to the growing chorus of other dentists who are committed to protecting practitioner autonomy, patient rights, and the future of independent dentistry throughout North America

Save $$ on customized solutions and servicessign - savings ahead

Individual members save at least 15% (over non-member fees) on all business solutions and services provided by the My Practice Matters™ team.  These services include, but may not be limited to:

  • Practice start-up assistance (executing your business plan)
  • Feasibility studies and practice assessment for existing practice
  • Cost-share structure development and review
  • Associate placement and recruiting
  • Second opinion on practice valuations (prepared by broker or other third party)

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