My Practice Matters™ cares about the present and future of dentistry – the practitioners and patients.  If you are a dental professional who shares our passion for preserving the integrity of the profession, and the rights of practitioners and patients then you have come to the right place!

What We Do

For over a decade, Nadean and her team have been empowering patient-centred dentists and their teams, guiding and supporting them as they achieve their goal to deliver quality services in their communities more effectively.  Read Testimonials

We coach and support dental practitioners through every stage of their careers – from dental school to retirement – by delivering to them the information, education and services they need to be successful.  From planning to acquire an established practice or open a new practice, finding the right associate or associate position, or succession planning – dentists have been able to make confident decisions and turn challenge into opportunity.  Our services are customized to meet the needs of each doctor, and include  –

  • Business planning
  • Practice branding
  • Practice valuation
  • Practice performance assessment
  • Practice management systems
  • Review of practice appraisals
  • Facilitate due diligence process
  • Succession planning
  • Associate recruiting and placement
  • Cost-share and partnership structuring

We work with accountants, lawyers, bankers, and financial planners as required to meet the needs of our clients.  For those who may need a referral to one of these professional advisors, My Practice Matters™ has built relationships with a network of other knowledgeable and experienced professional advisers who share our commitment to results-oriented solutions, honesty and integrity.

My Practice Matters™ has witnessed the evolution of dentistry over the past three decades – the shift from a healthcare business to the business of healthcare – turning colleagues into “competitors” and patients into “consumers”.  While this has caused distress to many clinicians (and patients), we believe that there is hope and opportunity for patient-centred, independent practice to take back control of their profession.  Generally referred to as “corporate dentistry”, there are many models that have evolved since the 1970s.

Why We Care

The corporatization of dentistry is particularly concerning for practitioners and patients because the profession is relationship-based.  Research conducted by My Practice Matters™ has revealed the following –

According to a brief from the ADA (published in DrBicuspid newsletter, August 2015) recent studies have shown that career satisfaction and some incomes in dentistry have dropped significantly in the past decade. Read more. In Australia, where corporate dentistry has been entrenched for more than a decade, compensation rates for associate dentists have recently fallen dramatically to an all time low of 15% of production.  In the US, centrally-managed group (“corporate”) practices control approximately 20% of the dental practices.
In Canada, where this is a relatively new phenomenon, dentists are reporting that they are experiencing some of the same effects in their careers and businesses.  This is a global phenomenon.

The evidence of outcomes of corporate control of dental practices is overwhelming.  What could “never happen” – loss of autonomy in the doctor-patient relationship and interference by insurance companies, equity investor groups, and other third-parties – has evolved over decades, globally.  Read the story

But this is not about us.  This is about dentists, patients, and the future of dentistry as a profession.  Your practice matters, and that is why we care.

coalition process

We’re building a coalition of independent practitioners.

The Opportunity for Preservation of Patient-centred Care

Corporate influence has been allowed to infiltrate and control the patient-doctor relationship, in part, because of the isolation that exists in the way that independent practitioners operate.  So for a moment, consider the effect of unifying the 80% of dental professionals who operate independently throughout North America.  My Practice Matters™ did.  

How would unifying these hundreds of thousands of clinicians give strength to the voice for patient-centred care?    A unified voice that speaks for the rights of independent practice would mean that the silent majority would no longer be silent.  Those independent practices who understand the importance of respecting patients’ rights and that by doing so, that they will restore trust and respect of the profession by the public.  We are not talking about a few hundred concerned dentists who have banded together in a region – state or province.  This is an international issue that threatens the rights of patients and livelihood of dentists throughout North America (Canada & U.S.), U.K., Australia & New Zealand.

What opportunity is there to preserve autonomy in the patient-doctor relationship?   As Einstein said, “we cannot solve problems using the same thinking that created them.”  Even at the tipping point (20% of the market), DMSO and DSO controlled practices are powerful because they are unified in a shared vision and goals – profit.  This is the advantage they have over independently owned and operated practices, which are generally ill-informed and, by nature, isolated.  Lack of information and isolation creates vulnerability.  But this reality does not have to prevail… My Practice Matters™ believes that independent dentistry can survive and thrive in this new “normal” environment.

We’re building a coalition…  This is a massive challenge – uniting hundreds of thousands of independent practitioners!  Some say that it cannot be done.  We at My Practice Matters™ believe that it is a challenge worth investing our time, effort and skills. Patients and the dental profession are worth it.

The Real Revolution in Dentistry

Our strength and commitment at My Practice Matters™ is empowering dentists to make confident decisions in their career and business.  We approached building a coalition to support independent practice the same way that we have done with other challenges and concerns our clients have presented.  It takes time to adapt to change, especially in an evolving environment.  After 4 1/2 years of research it became increasing clear that there were opportunities hidden by the challenges presented in this new “normal”.

As an independent organization, we we able to apply what was gleaned from corporate dentistry and explore options to develop strategies and solutions that would help independent dentists adapt to the changing practice environment.  The news headline reads:  There are definite advantages for independent practice!

The result is a membership-based organization, the My Practice Matters ™ network, which supports DOO (Doctor-Owned & Operated) practices and independent clinicians throughout North America through features such as education (the things that they don’t teach in dental school), promoting collaboration, brand identity, and access to our famous customized services that support individual goals and objectives.  Find out more about My Practice Matters ™ network Member Services and Resources.

Now it’s your turn.  Want to join the My Practice Matters™ coalition by becoming an active member of the network?   Find Out More

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We welcome sponsorship from companies that want to show their support for Doctor-Owned & Operated™ dental practices throughout North America.  Contact us if you want to be listed on our Member Services page as a trusted resource.

My Practice Matters™ Features & Benefits

1. Be United My Practice Matters™ network members enjoy the benefits that come with economy of scale which includes having a stronger voice on matters that are important to your profession and your patients.

2. Be Empowered – Our Member Services section is a resource where you will find links to trusted service providers, products, our newsletter and educational courses like the EMPOWERMENT™ Program Series which is exclusive to the My Practice Matters™ network.  These courses are designed for dentists at all stages of their career, these courses are the foundation for business and practice management success.  More programs and services are coming in the future – our R & D division works diligently to develop new and innovative ways that help you practice more effectively and efficiently.

3. Be Connected with colleagues and the public in a meaningful way to ensure that independent practice is sustainable and transferable to the next generation of patient-centred practitioners when you are ready to retire. The My Practice Matters™ network  Practice level membership includes automatic branding as a member of the Doctor-Owned & Operated™ Network; saving time and money by effectively building your brand and promoting your practice within your community.

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