My Practice Matters ™ cares about the present and future of independent dentistry – the practitioners and patients.  We believe that dental professionals and the public deserve the right to make informed choices, now and in the future.

If you are a dentist who:
  • enjoys the clinical side of dentistry,
  • has a patient-centred philosophy, and
  • is concerned about the paradigm shift in control of the profession, and how this shift will affect your practice (short and long term), and rights of the public to choose

…you have arrived at the right place!

In our 4+ years of research into the corporatization of dentistry, we have noted the broad shift from dentistry as a business to the business of dentistry.  The distinction is clear – the corporate purpose and goal is higher and higher profit; the purpose of a majority of those who have steadfastly remained independent is their devotion to a philosophy that is primarily patient centred. We’ve identified a multitude of symptoms as described by practitioners, auxiliaries, and patients.  These all have a common denominator – interference and influence by corporate entities.

The Shift in Authority

Dentists are regulated as licensed professionals, so are accountable to the regulatory body.  DSO/DMSO groups are not.  This has created an unequal, inequitable “playing field”.  Dentists are put into the position of playing defense in an uphill battle with giant corporations which have usurped control of their profession using fear and intimidation tactics.
As a result, there has been a certain shift in authority and influence in the dental profession, as well in the doctor-patient relationship.  Many dentists have expressed their observations or experienced the affects resulting from corporate interference – insurance companies unilaterally discounting fees and/or controlling what procedures that you may prescribe and render to your patients, for example.  The aggressive and rapid growth of DSO-controlled practices through acquisition and merger.  These are symptoms of a tactical agenda of third-parties to control the dental profession and marketplace for the sole purpose of high profits for their shareholders.  Their power has resulted in a paradigm shift of authority and control of the dental profession, and rendered both dentists and the public vulnerable.
Consider the example of Australia, where dental associates compensation  in corporately-managed practices has been reduced to 15%.  In that country, a high percentage of DSO practices are owned and controlled by one of the largest insurance companies in the world. According to a brief from the ADA (published in DrBicuspid newsletter, August 2015) recent studies have shown that career satisfaction and some incomes in dentistry have dropped significantly in the past decade. Read more.

Power to Control

Our investigation also uncovered the source of power that has allowed corporations to control the profession directly and indirectly.  Examining all manner of corporately-controlled entities, it became clear that the difference between dentists and DSO/DMSO (and insurance companies, dental dealers, and manufacturers) is that they grow through acquisition and merger.  Bigger “fish” swallow up the smaller ones.  The larger holdings they have, the more power that they have.  The more power that they have to influence politicians, legislation, and consumers.  This is called “economy of scale”.
Collaboration between large corporations, such as members of the ADSO and insurance companies, is possible because they share the same profit-driven goal.  They find ways to resolve shared challenges and problems because they understand that it will serve their purpose of controlling the market in order to achieve their mutual goal.
Corporations in any industry or business model thrive when they control the message, and do what is necessary to protect the interests of their shareholders (thus insuring the existence of their business).  This is evident in recent request for regulation of DSO groups in North Carolina and Wisconsin, which were defeated after media relations and lobbyists advocating for the ADSO members claimed that regulating them would cause harm to the public because it would reduce access to care.   Who was advocating for the patients and patient-centred practitioners in those instances?  Isn’t that what the dentists pay their Dental Association to do on their behalf?
The largest DSO groups have the ADSO to advocate on their behalf, through professional lobbyists and media relations.  Dentists do not.  We consistently hear from dentists who express their frustration with the ineptitude of these organizations which have been delegated with full authority to speak and advocate for their members. Despite collecting membership fees annually they have been ineffectual in performing these duties, and are by and large not held accountable for their actions (or inaction).  So even though a majority of dentists are still independent, they remain virtually silent because they are isolated and unsupported  – they are the “silent majority”.

The Practice Matters ™ Solution

After researching, compiling, and analyzing data and information from a multitude of sources, we understood the challenges that dentists in North America and around the globe are facing in their careers and businesses.  The corporations are relying on the status quo – a silent majority of independent practitioners, led by an ineffective organization, and uninformed public – to continue. But I believe that the independent dentistry and the public deserve better.  So our solution is based on our belief that doing right for the patients/public, will be doing right for the practitioners.
This disruptive innovation emulates all of the benefits enjoyed by members of the ADSO, plus added features that will enable all independent practitioners to be empowered to be restored as the authority in the doctor-patient relationship, protect the profession from undue influence by third parties and take back control of their future.  The silent majority will have a voice to speak on their behalf.  They will still be the majority, just no longer silent.  They will have an advocate to act exclusively to protect the rights of patient-centred practice and patient rights.
We’re building a coalition… Uniting thousands of independent practitioners is a massive challenge.  Some say that it cannot be done.  My Practice Matters™ believes that it is a challenge worth investing our time, effort and skills. Patients and the future of independent dentistry are worth it.  If you agree, read on…
With a strong coalition of doctor-members, we will have the economy of scale necessary to rival that of the ADSO.  All of these benefits will take time to materialize.  This is a multi-faceted, complex problem that cannot be solved using the same thinking that created it.  We cannot reverse time to a place when this problem did not exist.  Making the commitment to unite with your colleagues is a decision that requires action and investment today – someday is not a strategy.    
  • Form an international association serving the needs of all independent dental practitioners throughout North America – the NAAIDP (North American Association of Independent Dental Practitioners)
  • Give our doctor-members the power to advocate for equal and equitable regulations with government and licensing bodies – hiring lobbyists and media relations experts is necessary and not inexpensive.
  • Give our doctor-members unrivaled advantage negotiating with insurance companies, thereby re-establishing fair fees for service for treatment.
  • Dentist-members* will be part of the Doctor-Owned & Operated™ brand, creating a transparency for the public so that they can make an informed choice.  This brand identity favours independent practice,  because corporately-controlled practices will no longer be able to hide in plain sight.  
  • Dentist-members will have a conduit to educate the public on a broad scale; resulting in a more meaningful and mutually-beneficial patient-doctor relationship
  • Provide training for dentist-members to guide them in planning, preparation, and execution to achieve their vision, purpose, and goals
  • Provide additional training for their personnel to help them enhance and streamline their practices, and make their teams more effective in delivering a consistent, desired patient experience
  • Guiding dentist-members and their teams to develop customized management systems that meet their unique needs and expectations
  • Guide and assist in dentist recruiting and placement for Locum and Associate positions
  • Provide guidance, facilitation, and support for our dentist-members in succession planning and exit strategies that protect their investment and access to quality care for their patients
  • Provide access to quality professional services that are customized to meet your needs, at reasonable fees

Membership Levels

Annual membership fees apply to each category.  Before you apply for membership, read the Terms & Conditions.  Then complete the simple application form, choosing one of the options below and submit.

What Else We Do

For over a decade, Nadean and her team have been empowering patient-centred dentists and their teams, guiding and supporting them as they achieve their goal to deliver quality services to patients in their communities more effectively, and without taking an equity position.  Read Testimonials

We coach and support dental practitioners through every stage of their careers – from dental school to retirement – by delivering to them the information, education and services they need to be successful.  From planning to acquire an established practice or open a new practice, finding the right associate or associate position, or succession planning – dentists have been able to make confident decisions and turn challenge into opportunity.  Our services are customized to meet the needs of each doctor, and include (not limited to):

  • Business planning
  • Practice branding
  • Practice development
  • Practice valuation
  • Practice performance assessment
  • Practice management systems
  • Review of practice appraisals
  • Facilitate practice acquisition & due diligence process
  • Succession planning
  • Associate recruiting and placement
  • Cost-share and partnership structuring

We work with accountants, lawyers, bankers, and financial planners as required to meet the needs of our clients.  For those who may need a referral to one of these professional advisors, My Practice Matters™ has built relationships with a network of other knowledgeable and experienced professional advisers who share our commitment to results-oriented solutions, honesty and integrity.



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