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In a recently published brief from the ADA (published in DrBicuspid newsletter, August 2015) recent studies have shown that career satisfaction and some incomes in dentistry have dropped significantly in the past decade. Read more. In Australia, where corporate dentistry has been entrenched for more than a decade, compensation rates for associate dentists have recently fallen dramatically to an all time low of 15% of production.

Together We Can Do So MuchEven in Canada, dentists are reporting that they are experiencing some of the same effects in their careers and businesses. Even at the tipping point (20% of the dental market), DMSO and DSO controlled practices become more entrenched, we expect to see this trend continue. But it doesn’t have to… Consider what could happen if the 80% of doctors united and collaborated. We did. The result is the My Practice Matters ™ Network which supports DOO (doctor owned & operated) practices and independent clinicians throughout Canada through its exclusive and comprehensive program.

The My Practice Matters ™ Network and the DOO Network (www.DOOnetwork.com) have been developed to empower and support independent practitioners who want to protect their autonomy and the integrity of dentistry as a healthcare profession.

These programs work in tandem to:

  • Unite independent practitioners with their colleagues across the country to give them a stronger voice on matters that are important to their businesses and their profession
  • Provide access to education, information and resources they need to thrive in their career and business
  • Be a conduit for the public to connect directly with our members; and for internal referral sources with other members in your community and across the country

Now, through the My Practice Matters ™ Network you have another option to a corporate, centralized model.  Get more opportunity in your career and business while being a caretaker of the future of dentistry!

Our Members…

  • Are dental students, new graduates, individual practitioners (Associates and Locums) and dentist owned and operated practices
  • Are dedicated to the principles of care, respect and trust in their careers, their businesses and their lives
  • Believe in life-long learning
  • Are willing to collaborate with and mentor others
  • Want to protect and preserve the integrity of the doctor-patient relationship
  • Maintain their own unique identity which differentiates them from all other practitioners in their communities – you don’t have to change anything that you don’t want to in your practice.
  • Are not motivated by fear or greed
  • Are empowered to make confident decisions through access to education and current information
  • Have ongoing opportunities to share and exchange ideas and opinions with their peers in a safe and secure environment
  • Have access to trusted professional resources recommended by other members, if and when they need them

My Practice Matters Features

The My Practice Matters ™ Network is a three-pronged program to support independent practitioners throughout all stages of their careers and business cycles.

1. Unite & Collaborate

The first step in empowering dental professionals is to remove the isolation barrier so that like-minded practitioners can unite and collaborate – we are stronger together. We unite like-minded practitioners who are patient-centered and understand the direct correlation between quality of relationships – with their patients, employees, and their colleagues – and their success. One might say that this is tantamount to “herding cats”; and that would be an accurate statement. It is a worthwhile exercise because in today’s dental profession, independent dentistry is worthy of the advantages and protection that this will provide.

Initially, unification is a passive feature as a member. You can participate as much or as little as you wish in forum discussions, share your experiences and what you have learned with others in a welcoming environment that fosters trust and mutual respect. Soon one comes to realize that we are more valuable and have a stronger voice together than as individuals.

Through interaction with other members it will become more comfortable to explore opportunities through the classifieds such as associate candidates and positions, partnership and succession opportunities within a group of like-minded practitioners across the country.

2. Educate & Inform

Dental students are the future of dentistry – they deserve to be educated and mentored to be doctors, not just technicians. The My Practice Matters ™ Network offers access to the Life After Dental School Series™, part of the My Practice Matters ™ EMPOWERMENT™ Series. Short segments that students can fit into their hectic schedules, providing insight into how they can achieve their goals after graduation and on into the future. This is the stuff that they don’t teach in dental school, folks!

Dentists who are planning to be practice owners or who want to enhance their existing practice, will find the EMPOWERMENT 1.0™ Series informative and enlightening. It is a six-session series that guides the participants through the process of building a comprehensive business plan – the 5 Ps (People, Product, Place, Promotion & Price). Even if you are a practice owner, you may find valuable information in these sessions. EMPOWERMENT 2.0™ Series focuses on developing and implementing your plan – formulating practice management policies and protocols that simplify your life as an owner-operator, and create stronger bonds of trust and respect between you and your employees and patients. EMPOWERMENT 3.0™ Series focuses on brand identity and promotion of your practice so that you can attract and retain patients and staff. The EMPOWERMENT 4.0™ Series explores the options and strategies related to succession in dental practice ownership. All materials and worksheets are provided to participants during each interactive online webinar session.

Information is critical to making confident choices and decisions in life and business. So for our members, their patients and the public, we scour a variety of publications, blogs and articles on topics that are of interest and importance. Find out what is going on in dentistry around the world and how those events may affect you. You will find tips, news items and links to some great articles, as well as classified postings in the Reality Bites™ newsletter and to assist Practice level members in reaching out to your patients, we create a seasonal patient newsletter that you can receive via email so that it can be printed or forwarded to your patients with the click of a button!

3. Connect

The My Practice Matters™ Network Forum is also where members can pose questions, share experiences and concerns, and help others as appropriate on issues and topics of interest to practitioners.

Dentists members can also post ads seeking positions as associates, or when seeking a dentist to join your practice as an associate or partner or successor.   The My Practice Matters™ Network administrative support team can help you create your ad, and reviews all postings for content prior to publication. These postings may also be included in the My Practice Matters™ Network monthly newsletter.

My Practice Matters™ Network may list suppliers and service providers whom have been nominated as trustworthy by its members. Our members are encouraged to nominate suppliers and service providers whom they trust for inclusion as a resource to the My Practice Matters™ Network. Please note that services and products offered through third parties may be at an additional cost.

hand & heart - Doctor Owned & Operated

Available only to Practice level members

The My Practice Matters™ Network is also a branding and promotional tool for its practice members. Our doctor-owned & operated (DOO) network (site currently in BETA test) includes an interactive, highly responsive web site where the public can access dental-related information, resources, and search for independently owned and operated dental practices.  Only Practice level members will be listed and identified on an interactive map so that patients can find the right practice quickly and easily. All Practice members will be able to include a link to their practice web site, contact information and overview of their practice on http://www.DOO.network.com.  Don’t have a practice web site yet?  No problem.  You can still brand your practice with the Doctor Owned & Operated logo (under license with us) so that patients and the public instantly know they are dealing with an independent practitioner.  If you are ready to have a web site, and just haven’t gotten around to it, we can refer you to a designer who will build you an effective and affordable custom site.  If your current site is a little “tired”, it can be refreshed or redesigned economically by the great people at Custom Practice Websites.

Finding practice resources – accounting, banking, financial planners, insurance, IT, legal, etc. can be time consuming and frustrating. Members are encouraged to share their recommendations on the Resources page so that others can connect with knowledgeable experts who understand your needs.

Economy of scale is a natural outcome of having hundreds of members. So while our members will be enjoying the support, services, resources and new patient referrals as a member of the My Practice Matters™ and the DOO Network, we will be working hard to deliver more features to you – negotiating with suppliers of quality materials and other products that our members want and need in their practices everyday so that when you order you will immediately benefit from your collaborative buying power, just like the BIG guys. The only difference will be that you control what products and materials you want to use.

My Practice Matters Benefits

The My Practice Matters™ Network members enjoy the benefits of a program developed by a skilled and experienced practice management and transition coach who understands and respects the human dynamics of dental teams, clinically and administratively, as well as what patients need and expect –

  • Operate your practice your way while enjoying the advantages of economy of scale
  • Save time and money to effectively marketing and promote your practice
  • Differentiate your practice and create a strong brand identity as part of the DOO (Doctor Owned & Operated) network
  • Have a stronger voice on issues that concern you and your colleagues
  • Enjoy more satisfying outcomes in your career and business by having more options
  • Professional service providers, recommended by other members, at the click of your computer mouse – make informed choices with confidence.
  • Proudly be part of a group of doctors who are committed to preserving the integrity of independent practice and protecting the autonomy of the doctor-patient relationship

Want to join the My Practice Matters™ Network?   Find Out More

The My Practice Matters™ team has worked exclusively with independent, owner-operated practice models – general and specialty – for more than three decades, so we recognize your concerns, challenges and market conditions. We have applied our abilities and commitment which have helped our clients to find realistic solutions and implement strategies optimizing their practice performance, to the bigger and broader changes in the dental marketplace that are threatening the integrity of patient-dentist autonomy – and the future of independent practice models.

What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.” – Zig Ziglar

A Tradition of Success

Our clients’ successes are a significant part of our reward at My Practice Matters™. To witness their achievements and share in their accomplishments is a privilege and one of our greatest pleasures. We thank each and everyone of them for their trust in us and commitment to reaching their goals, overcoming obstacles and turning challenge into opportunity. You make us proud!

Thank you also to all of those who have taken the time to express their gratitude and satisfaction for our efforts.  Read testimonials