My Practice Matters ™ cares about the present and future of independent dentistry – the practitioners and patients.  We believe that dental professionals and the public deserve the right to make informed choices, now and in the future.

If you are a dentist who:
  • enjoys the clinical side of dentistry,
  • has a patient-centred philosophy, and
  • is concerned about the paradigm shift in control of the profession, and how this shift will affect your practice (short and long term), and rights of the public to choose

…you have arrived at the right place!  Opportunity exists for independent practitioners to successfully compete, achieve their goals, and ensure the future for independent practice, no matter what the market conditions.

 The My Practice Matters ™ Solution

After researching, compiling, and analyzing data and information from a multitude of sources, the My Practice Matters™ solution to empower and support independent practice was developed. This solution is a three-pronged approach that includes education, tools, training, and support for independent practitioners which, when applied, give you the advantage needed to compete in any market conditions.  Our solution is to strengthen weaknesses, and optimize your strengths so that dentists are resilient through all market conditions.
  1. The not-so-secret secret is the behavioral element of dentistry.  Unfortunately, the “soft skills” that build trust and respect between people is not taught in dental school, and there are few resources available after graduation.  The good news is that it can be learned and once dentists understand the benefits of behavioral dentistry, they are eager to adopt it into their practice.
  2. The business aspect involves utilization of practice management tools that may already be available through your existing software, but aren’t because no one in the dental team understand how to extract and analyze the data. We can provide simple and effective ways to set up, track, and analyse  KPI, and advanced patient management tools to ensure predictable and sustainable performance.
  3. Tools and training to build a strong and resilient dental team, and establish a culture of collaboration in a safe and enjoyable environment.

For Dental Students

  • Prepare to enter the real world of private practice with the My Practice Matters™ Life After Dental School Program.  Sign up for webinars, e-tips, and links to resources  – learn how to:
    • Set goals and objectives for your career based on your vision and philosophy
    • Define criteria for your wants and needs
    • Protect your interests (what’s a dental services contract anyway?)
    • Differentiate yourself from other candidates vying for the same position
  • How and what questions to ask so that you can find out what you need to know, before you accept a position

 For Dentists Planning to Own a Practice

  • Planning, preparation, and implementation is the key to success in any business.  We coach, guide, and assist dentists through all stages of this process so that they can make informed decisions with confidence –
    • Building a comprehensive business plan is about more than just numbers.  We help you use the 5 Ps of business planning to develop your own unique road map to success!
    • We help you prepare for a variety of options so that challenges can be converted to opportunities, and finding the right practice is in your control
    • We work with your accountant, business lawyer, bank, and other professional advisors through all processes so that your interests are protected and you enter practice ownership confidently
    • Review and identify potential risks and threats, as well as strengths and opportunities in prospective practices
    • Guide and assist in due diligence process
    • Guide and assist in transition preparation and support for 90 days after completion of transaction

For Practice Owners

  • Recruiting and placement of auxiliaries – administrative and clinical personnel
  • Virtual Practice Manager (VPM)
    • Identify and communicate your vision, purpose, and goals
    • Guide and assist you and your team to develop policies, processes and protocols to ensure compliance with your vision, and consistency in practice performance
    • Provide additional training for your personnel to help streamline their tasks, and make your team more effective in delivering a consistent, desired patient experience
    • Work with you to establish your practice KPI metrics and monitoring system, provide analysis of the collected data, and re-evaluate goals and objectives as necessary.
  • Guide and assist in recruiting and placement for Locum and Associate positions when needed in your practice
  • Solutionists
    • Guide, coach, and assist in resolution of critical management issues
    • Provide guidance, facilitation, and support in developing viable succession plan and exit strategies that protect your investment and continuity of quality care for your patients
    • Flexibility in addressing unique concerns – i.e. compliance matters related to regulatory guidelines, rules, and codes

My Practice Matters Membership Levels

Annual membership fees apply to each category.  Before you apply for membership, read the Terms & Conditions.  Then complete the simple application form, choosing one of the options below and submit.

We Empower and Support Practitioners

For over a decade, Nadean and her team have been empowering patient-centred dentists and their teams, guiding and supporting them as they achieve their goal to deliver quality services to patients in their communities more effectively, and without taking an equity position.  Read Testimonials

We coach and support dental practitioners through every stage of their careers – from dental school to retirement – by delivering to them the information, education and services they need to be successful.  From planning to acquire an established practice or open a new practice, finding the right associate or associate position, or succession planning – dentists have been able to make confident decisions and turn challenge into opportunity.  Our services are customized to meet the needs of each doctor, and include (not limited to):

  • Business planning
  • Practice branding
  • Practice development
  • Practice valuation/appraisals
  • Practice performance assessment
  • Practice management systems
  • Review of practice appraisals
  • Facilitate practice acquisition & due diligence process
  • Succession planning
  • Associate recruiting and placement
  • Cost-share and partnership structuring
  • …and more…

We work with accountants, lawyers, bankers, and financial planners as required to meet the needs of our clients.  For those who may need a referral to one of these professional advisors, My Practice Matters™ has built relationships with a network of other knowledgeable and experienced professional advisers who share our commitment to results-oriented solutions, honesty and integrity.



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